Sunday, August 3, 2008

Welcome to the jumble!

I've read so many wonderful blogs in the past two years. Some make me laugh. Others make me think. A few make me mad. Fewer still make me cry. The best can do all of that.

I don't aspire to be among the best. I'm not that profound a thinker or that talented of a writer. I've just decided that I wanted to start putting a few thoughts out there. If no one reads them, that's fine.

I've also found a lot of neat stuff that I wanted to have a place to link to. If you are so inclined, click through. If not, feel free to ignore these posts.

The title of my blog is a family saying. I come from a family of five kids. My dad worked swing shift and my step-mom worked two jobs and was active in the church and community. If they weren't going to be home to cook, when asked what was for supper, they'd say "found". If you found it in the cabinets or fridge, you could eat it.

I was cooking the family suppers by age 14 in self interest. Some of the things I found to cook were odd and didn't appear to go together. A few were outright failures. Many of my meals looked kinda funny but went down OK. Rarely, I turned out a crowd pleaser. If I do as well with this blog, I'll consider myself content.

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