Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poor baby

Happy Baby has an ear infection. *sniff*

She remains mostly happy. As long as no one touches or speaks directly into the ear and it stays dry, she is her usual ebullient self. If you forget, though, it takes about five minutes to console her. This is particularly sad because she so rarely cries. You know just how bad she's hurting.

I've got to share her with her other grandparents this week. The Earnest One's parents are coming in from out of state.

Middle Sis is also sick. Since she was running a fever today, her hubby had to stay home with their newborn. Lil' Niece is only a month and a half. If Middle Sis is not better tomorrow, I may be babysitting. Poor kid's gonna get loved up one side and down the other.

Babysat with Tiny Nephew today. He's exactly a month older than Lil' Niece. His mom, Baby Sis, had to go check out some job prospects. He's a goofy little guy. We had a lot of fun. I taught him to stick out his tongue. Wait until I teach him to blow a raspberry (Happy Baby does this particularly well - although I recommend staying out of spraying range).

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